Terms and Conditions

Member Terms & Conditions

1/ Reward Points cannot be exchanged for cash value and may only be used to redeem rewards from the rewards list.

2/ Reward points are awarded at the discretion of the Member Merchant at completion of the sale. It is up to the merchant members to approve the reward points order and their decision is final and binding.

3/ Rewards points are awarded at 5% of the cost of the order placed and converted into reward points. 1 cent = 1 pts. Rewards points are not earned on shipping cost of any order.

4/ Oz Web Rewards offers no warranty on any goods redeemed from the rewards program through Member Merchants. It is the Member Merchant who supplies the goods and is responsible for supply and delivery of the goods ordered. All warranty issues are to be directed to the merchant who supplied the goods.

5/ Oz Web Rewards reserves the right to change any condition relating to this program. Oz Web Rewards also reserves the right to refuse or cancel any membership.

6/ Should any sale that resulted in reward points be cancelled, returned, found to be fraudulent ... those rewards points earned are cancelled. Should those reward points have been used, the member is responsible to reimburse Oz Web Rewards at a cost of 1 point = 1 cent.

7/ The Refer-a Friend program will only be used to contact persons known directly to the member. It will not be used to spam unknown addresses or anyone who does not wish to receive the refer-a friend email. Members who sign up under the refer-a-friend program receive 5% of the reward points earned by the referred friend.

8/ Rewards are only awarded through purchases directly off the Merchant Member website. If the order is placed offline or in the Member's store, that order is not eligible for reward points unless prior arrangement was made with the Merchant Member at the time of purchase. Reward points will not be awarded to orders placed before member joined Oz Web Rewards.

9/ Reward points have no expiry date and may be used for the life of the program.

10/ Reward points may not be transferred or exchanged with any other member's account.

11/ Oz Web Rewards does not guarantee or supply any warranty with any goods bought through Merchants listed with our program. Members who use merchants listed in our program do so at own risk and Oz Web Rewards will accept no liability that might occur when dealing with listed merchants.

12/ All reward redemptions are for shipment within Australia only.

13/ Oz Web Rewards membership is open only to individuals 18 years of age or older.

14/ Signing up to Oz web rewards indicates you agree to receive the monhthly rewards statement. You may opt out any time by changing your preference in your Oz web Rewards profile. Oz web Rewards will not on sell your contact ifnormation to any third party, and only use the information supplied to supply services and goods directly through the Oz web Rewards program.