About Oz web Rewards

Oz Web Rewards is fully Australian owned and operated by Web Prosperity Pty Ltd, a company based in Sydney, Australia.
Oz Web Rewards is a brand new concept in online shopping, and a truly unique concept in Loyalty Programs Australia-wide. We offer a comprehensive, centralised rewards portal through which it is easy for consumers to shop with a myriad of Australian online merchants, and to earn generous rewards with these merchants simply by being logged into our portal from the same computer when shopping at those websites. Unlike other rewards programs, points may be collected by our customer members and pooled, to be used anywhere throughout our unique Rewards Store at a time that suits the customer. Points do not expire. Every item in the Rewards Store on our website has been sourced from our merchant members.
We have developed Oz Web Rewards to help promote Australian-based websites to Australian consumers, and to allow consumers to receive Rewards by supporting Australian-based companies.
Our system is designed for Australian merchants to promote their products and to offer incentives for Australian consumers to buy locally, thereby supporting Australian small and medium businesses. Our system is cost-effective for merchants and also rewards Australian consumers for supporting Australian-based business through our unique, generous reward system.
We additionally offer the opportunity for consumers to nominate a charity or organisation through our Sponsorship Program. Every dollar spent by a customer member generates a donation on their behalf to the organisation of their choice, at no cost to the customer. It is our way of saying "thank you" and paying it forward.
We believe there are no other Rewards programs Australia-wide quite like Oz Web Rewards. Take a look at our program today.
 To find out more about our program please visit the FAQS page