Sponsorship Public Page

Oz web Rewards is proud to offer our new sponsorship program.

The Oz web Rewards sponsor program is a great way to passively raise funds for your charitable organisation, sporting or community group. It enables you to mobilise your members to earn donations for your organisation by them simply joining Oz web Rewards (free to sign up) and shopping online via our rewards portal. Your members will not only be supporting local Australian small businesses, but will generate fabulous, tangible rewards for themselves – all while passively earning you funds simply by shopping at any of our wide and varied range of great Australian-based merchants

How does it work?

Our customer members may select any organisation or group to sponsor from the list, via their member control panel. When the customer member earns rewards points through shopping at any of our listed participating Australian–based merchants, Oz web Rewards will donate extra points to their selected sponsored organisation. It costs the member nothing, in money or rewards points, as they receive the same number of reward points for their purchase whether they have selected a group to sponsor or not.

Who is eligible to join?

Any Australian-based charity or community group is eligible to join: sporting teams, charity organisations, community groups, social clubs, school P&C associations, etc. Simply sign up to our sponsorship program and once your account is approved, if you promote the program to your member base and they join as customers in our rewards program, they will earn donations for your organisation every time they purchase from any of our 75+ listed participating Australian-based online merchants.  At the same time, they will earn points to access generous and tangible reward products from across our entire merchant member portal. It is a great way to mobilise your member base to earn extra funds for you without the risk of generating any more donator fatigue: nothing to sell to your workmates or family, no volunteers required.

How do we join?

Simply fill out the contact form on our website and one of our consultants will contact you to you verify your account and get you setup. There are no fees to pay and monthly payments of your donations earned by your members will be paid directly into your nominated bank account on a monthly basis.

Below is an example of some of the organisations already involved in the program: