Product : Exotic Premium Incense sticks

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Exotic Premium Incense sticks

High quality Australian Made Incense to bring welcoming scents into your home and office.
You get 37 with holders the following 5 different types....
Earth Element Incence - With Floral notes of violet, jasmine & Rose are balanced by earthy cinnamon, vanilla, orris and wite musk.
Fire Element Incense - With Sweet notes of plum & mandarin with the sharpness of verbana and a spicy base of cedar and myrrh.
Water Element Incense - With Classic honeysuckle, jasmine and magnolia blooms sweetened with vanilla bean and toffee.
Wood Element Incense - Heady frangipani blossoms entwined with oakmoss and rich musk, sandalwood and patchouli.
Metal Element Incence - Fruity notes of melon & papaya are strengthened by amber, oakmoss & green tea.

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