The Oz Web Rewards Merchant program is only open to Australian Businesses who ship or supply services within Australia. We believe Australian merchants offer the best value and customer service for our members and the program is designed to promote your website service to an Australian Audience.

Joining is completely free, no upfront fees, no ongoing member fees; you simply pay when you get a sale under our cost-per-action model.

Why join Oz Web Rewards?

We provide a cost effective way for merchants to advertise their products to new customers and help retain current customers through our rewards programs. You only pay when you get a sale which means you are not paying for any advertising that does not work. All promotion via the Oz Web Rewards site to our public members is free. This includes merchant listing, product listing via our reward store and free listing in our monthly newsletter to promote upcoming sales etc, plus promotion via our twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

Our system is designed to drive traffic to your website and promote our merchants at every step of the reward process. The loyalty gained from our system is towards the merchant, as it is the merchant that provides the reward points and the actual rewards themselves, increasing customer retention and building a loyal customer base.

How Does it Work?

For tracking to work automatically your website must have a shopping cart or booking system that provides a final cost to the purchaser at the completion of sale/booking on your website (ie like a standard e-commerce website). You simply install the easy-to-install code that we supply onto your website and our system will track any sales that are generated from our members. Once a sale is registered, you are notified of a pending rewards request; when you complete the sale you approve the request via your Merchant control panel and pay a commission on the sale. (Billing is done on a monthly cycle). The more you sell the less the commission is paid.

If you do not have a shopping cart system on your website you may still be able to join Oz web Rewards. Simply contact us for us information.

You as a merchant also list Rewards via our Rewards Store. When a public member earns enough reward points and selects your Reward, we deduct the cost of the order from your monthly account on behalf of the member so you will get extra sales.

How do I sign Up?

Simply click the join now button and fill out the registration form. We will review and after we verify you are eligible for the program we will approve your account. Once the required code is installed on your site, your listing will go live and you will start to receive the benefits of being a merchant member of Oz Web Rewards.