Oz web rewards F.A.Q.


Please see below for some answers to the most asked questions about the Oz Web Rewards program. If you have any furthur questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1/ How do I earn rewards points through Oz Web Rewards?

You earn rewards points by shopping at participating Merchants who are listed in our Stores Directory. When you make a purchase at any of these stores, you will recieve 5% of the purchase price (not including shipping) as reward points to purchase goods from our rewards store.

Rewards points are earned at 1 cent = 1 rewards point, so if you purchase a product for $100, 5% of this price goes back to you as rewards;  you would receive 500 rewards points credited to your account. For quick refreence to how our program compares with leading credit card reward program check out this comparison, Oz Web vs Credit Cards.pdf

Oz Web Rewards is a centralized rewards program enabling shoppers to shop across a large variety of independant stores and pool rewards points in one place, so you can get the rewards you want faster. As we say at Oz Web Rewards,  Finally a reward program that actually rewards.

2/ What rewards can I purchase with my reward points?

Every merchant listed on our website can offer up to 5 products in our rewards store. Once you have enough points, simply log in to your member account,  browse the rewards store and select the reward you want. The merchant who has listed the product will approve the order and ship it directly to you. It is that simple.

3/ What costs are involved and what's the catch?

Membership to the program is completely free and there is no catch. You simply join and shop at any of the independant stores listed on our website. Oz Web Rewards will automatically track any sales made at those websites and assign your account with the reward points once the sale is approved by the merchant.

All our merchants value your business and have chosen to reward their customers by being part of the Oz Web Rewards program. You do not pay any extra to be part of the program, and you will receive the same great service that our member merchants normally provide, with the added benefit of being rewarded through the Oz Web Rewards program.

So Join today and start being rewarded.

4/ Which merchants can be part of your program?

All of our merchants are based within Australia and registered companies with ABN's, so like dealing with any Australian retailer, you are protected by Australian Consumer Law.  All rewards offered in our rewards store are supplied by the same merchants lised in our Store Directory and are covered by the same protections you would normally get under Australian Consumer Law.

At Oz Web Rewards we believe you receive the best in terms of both service and value by shopping locally ... and now, not only can you  be confident in buying online,  you also get rewarded for doing so.