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Will GST Kill Offshore Online Shopping?

Retailers in Australia during the last few years have been doing it tough, as the shopping landscape changes and people look outside traditional shopping markets. Consumers are looking for variety and better value.

Gone are the days when your first port of call was your local shopping precinct or shopping mall. You can now do your browsing from home and find bargains and unique items with a few clicks of the mouse. This has of course resulted in an ever-increasing shift towards online shopping, a new frontier for shoppers and regulators alike.

Oz web Rewards supports Australian online businesses, mostly the small to medium size enterprises, who, like the big players, have to carve out a portion of the potential online retail pie. Most of our participating merchants offer great value for money, due to lower overheads than bigger brick and mortar stores; but if you believe the hype of the bigger chains,  the local Australian store is under threat due to offshore sites not having to pay GST. There has been a push by mainly big retailers to lower the threshold of GST to $20, so most incoming goods will result in a GST tariff being imposed. But is GST the reason shoppers go offshore to purchase goods, and will lowering the threshold be the remedy for all concerned?

We at Oz web Rewards, like everyone else in Australia, love a great quality bargain and will search widely for extra savings. While it is true that GST is a factor in the final cost paid, most people purchasing online do not do so to save 10%. GST. There are many other factors involved. The main influence is cost. Australians often pay much more than other countries for goods; sometimes over 100% more. This is the result by of distributors using GEO locking supply chains, and is an attempt to maximise profit margins in countries where competition is lower, meaning they can increase profit margins as well as keep the market share. With potential savings like, that introducing GST to purchases will not affect most buyers’ decisions to purchase goods or not. Why punish local Australian shoppers with extra tax just to prop up outdated big corporation profits?

The government should be looking at ways to support Australian retailer rights for comparable wholesale overseas prices; not only would it help Australian retailers directly compete with overseas suppliers, it would also mean all the sale proceeds are kept within Australia, not just the GST component.

As stated, the main push for lowering of the GST threshold is coming from the bigger end of retail, as they struggle with the new online economy. Smaller Australian retailers who have embraced the online process, such as all of the Oz web Rewards merchant members,  still offer great value for money, as they have lowered overheads to reduce costs and can hence offer value for money in competition to overseas stores.

Of course you will still find bargains overseas, but begin your search via Australia’s many great small online merchants; you will be surprised at the fantastic, quality bargains available locally. Lowering the GST threshold will not stop offshore online shopping, but will mean Australians continue to pay more for goods as offshore firms are allowed to GEO lock their supply chains.

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Shopping: Women versus Men


Men and women really do differ greatly when it comes to the shopping experience. Researchers have confirmed what many of us would have known to be true: with little exception, women LOVE to shop. With little exception, men – not so much.

Women, as a general rule, enjoy the whole experience of shopping. They are happy to browse, be distracted from their purpose, and be surprised by other things they weren’t even aware they wanted or needed. A woman’s attention span for shopping averages two hours.

Men, on the other hand, see shopping as a mission: go in, get the specific item they left home with the intention of acquiring, and get out of there again. A man is doing well if he retains attention for the whole endeavour for twenty five minutes.

The fact is, women love to shop. Men view shopping as a chore. The worst aspect of going out to shop for a woman tends to be lack of sales assistance; this is the single biggest factor which will lose a sale to a woman customer. Also detrimental are sales assistants who are unhelpful or rude. Men, on the other hand, are more concerned when they cannot find a parking space close to their destination store, and if an item is not in stock then and there, they will walk away.

In a nutshell: men are hunters; women are gatherers. Men enter a store with specifics in mind and are rarely distracted from their goal. Women, who according to scientific research, have better peripheral vision than men, go in and scan.

Shopping online is similar. Men want to go to a site seeking a specific item. Women like to browse all options and then choose.

This is where Oz web Rewards is perfect for everyone! It is your one-stop location for online shopping Australia-wide. There are over seventy five merchants participating in the program, and everything from children’s toys and games to women’s lingerie to hardware and tools to home wares and gourmet foods are available easily and at your fingertips. All merchants are Australian-based so shipping is fast and very much more affordable than anywhere else – and best of all, our loyalty program delivers generous rewards.

Join today! You will be very, very glad you did – whether your shopping style is that of a hunter or a gatherer.

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Oz web Rewards’ Sponsorship Program

Here at Oz web Rewards, we are proud and excited to announce our brand new Sponsorship Program: a great way to passively raise funds for the organisation of your choice while purchasing great products from Australian merchants and being personally rewarded at the same time.

Donor fatigue is one of the biggest problems facing organisations looking to fund raise; with the Oz web Rewards Sponsorship Program, any organisation may mobilize their members to earn donations for them by simply joining Oz web Rewards (free to sign up) and then shopping for themselves online via our rewards portal. Active members will be not only shopping for what they want, when they want it; they will also be generating generous rewards for themselves while at the same time earning donations with every purchase for their nominated charity, sporting team, local school or community group.

Any Australian-based charity or community group is eligible to join this exciting new program: sporting teams, charity organisations, community groups, social clubs, school P&C associations, etc. Once signed up to the program (free), all the organisation needs to do is promote  the program to their member base. When a new customer member joins, they can nominate their chosen sponsorship organisation from the list and any purchase made via our portal and our 75+ merchant members that is eligible for customer rewards will also earn automatic donations for the organisation: nothing to sell to family or workmates, no volunteers required.

Sponsorship rewards are separate from customer rewards; so customers may rest assured that whether they nominate a sponsorship organisation or not, their own personal reward level will be the same generous 5% of the value of their purchases.

The Oz web Rewards Sponsorship Program launched just this week; we already have a fabulous charity organisation signed up and waiting for customer sponsors: The Orangutan Project.


Check out Oz web Rewards and our Sponsorship Program today!

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Some Toys Really Do Last Forever


How many of our readers grew up with Lego?

This popular construction toy, with blocks for building all kinds of magnificent things, originated in Denmark in 1932. Previously made from wooden blocks, Lego started producing plastic toys in 1947 and in 1949 the first interlocking blocks we’re all  now familiar with were produced for the first time.

It’s reassuring to know that some things really do never change. With all the technological gizmos and computer-based games today’s kids have, children still have good, old-fashioned fun with some of the simpler things which their parents, and even their grandparents, enjoyed in their own childhood days.

It’s also amusing that parenthood hasn’t, in many ways, changed either. The 1950s and before are often presented as halcyon days where all was perfect – perfect working husbands came home after a hard day to perfect wives;  perfect children already bathed and fed and ready for bed. This print commercial suggests otherwise! Any parent can relate to a desire for their children to play quietly for hours with quiet toys and games. Mothers were obviously a bit frazzled! Lego had this benefit as well as others: children using their imaginations and creativity for good – not playing war games, which at the time were popular with little boys but tiresome for their parents in a recent post-war world.

At Oz web Rewards we have a very large number of online stores who sell toys of all kinds and also offer rewards in our generous loyalty program. We are your one-stop portal for online shopping Australia-wide, and we guarantee that if you browse our games merchants, you will find myriad toys to suit your needs – old fashioned, educational, and very modern toys are all available here. It’s free to join – and you get 5% in rewards points every time you shop via our website. Check it out today – you can even do your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your computer!

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Funny Old Advert – Lard?


Mmmm. Sounds delicious – no?

This is a print advertisement from 1957, from the British Lard Marketing Board. Lard – or pig fat – used to be an important cooking and baking staple-ingredient.  It was not only used for cooking, but also as a spread, like butter.  It is a readily available by-product of pork production.  Up until the mid-twentieth century, it was as popular as butter, but much more affordable than butter or other vegetable oils.

Lard took a tumble in popularity with the growth in affordability of butter and vegetable oils after World War II – and their perceived better health qualities (interestingly, lard is a healthier option than butter). It was also perceived as “poverty” food, as it had been such a staple during the leaner times  of the Great Depression and the wars.

So hence this advertising campaign from 1957. An attractive couple, young and in love – if they eat lard, perhaps everyone else who eats lard can too be young, attractive and in love!

Like everything else, culinary fashions and fads are cyclical and lard has recently made a comeback. Who’d have thought that in these days of discount shopping, online shopping Australia, and hyper-alertness to healthy eating,  foodies and elite chefs would embrace a renaissance in the use of lard – which contains no trans-fats  – to the extent that in 2006 British demand for this fat product could not be met by supply!

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Is a Discount really the Best Reward?

Is a Discount really the best Reward?

AN article on a news website this week has published the result of a consumer survey into customer preference as to whether they receive a discount or a reward when they shop.

A small majority of consumers stated that they prefer a direct discount when paying, rather than earning rewards points. In the current economic climate, people are spending less on credit cards and more on debit direct from their accounts – with many believing it takes far too long to accumulate enough points to generate any real reward product. Many consumers’ reward point collection occurs on their credit card loyalty program or rewards program – hence the lack of faith in the process when credit spending has flattened or stalled due to financial constraints.

At Oz web Rewards, we are proud to offer a rewards program with a difference. Our loyalty program is independent and each of the 75+ Australian-based merchants who are listed participants with our program are completely independent of others: a consumer is at liberty to negotiate directly with the merchant on price for a great deal – knowing the rewards they get are real and tangible, and not worked into the price being paid for the product.

Our unique centralised points program makes accumulation of points fast and easy. See our previous post regarding the level of rewards compared with flybuys and credit card programs – Oz web Rewards really is the Rewards Program that actually rewards.


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Vinyl – what does it mean to you?



When you hear the word “vinyl” – what first springs to mind?

Fake leather furniture? Fetish costuming? That cheap handbag that looked good for such a little while?

For me, the first thought I have when I hear “vinyl” (admittedly, closely followed by those things already mentioned) is invariably the old black records I loved so much growing up. As a little girl in the 1970s, I loved sitting down by our record playing stereo system, which was so cool back then, and listening to Puff the Magic Dragon, The Mary Poppins soundtrack, my mother’s old Elvis and Neil Diamond gold, and, of course, ABBA’s Arrival – my favourite.  Or for a really special treat, my mother would let me sit in my room with her (even then) ancient portable player: just like a little grey plaid suitcase, it opened to reveal a magical record player that could almost go anywhere – anywhere that had a powerpoint, that is.



I loved the mini records – with either a single and a B-side of the latest song. Or those great little read-along story books with the record, which instructed you to “turn the page” when you heard the chimes. Cinderella just about got worn out, I listened to it so much.

I felt so grown up when I was able to put the needle on it by myself. And I still feel nostalgic whenever a modern track has that vinyl background noise at the beginning of it (The White Stripes were big on this effect).

Though still available in some alternative or specialty music stores, our kids today generally have no idea what a music cassette is, let alone an old record. Which is a shame. And I suspect, before too long, even the humble CD will be a thing of the past.

Fortunately we have online shopping and discount shopping  Australia online to be able to still source and purchase these treasures. And at OzwebRewards, we have some dedicated music merchants where you can find, if not vinyl, at least instruments and music books to get you bopping.

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