Oz web Rewards’ Sponsorship Program

Here at Oz web Rewards, we are proud and excited to announce our brand new Sponsorship Program: a great way to passively raise funds for the organisation of your choice while purchasing great products from Australian merchants and being personally rewarded at the same time.

Donor fatigue is one of the biggest problems facing organisations looking to fund raise; with the Oz web Rewards Sponsorship Program, any organisation may mobilize their members to earn donations for them by simply joining Oz web Rewards (free to sign up) and then shopping for themselves online via our rewards portal. Active members will be not only shopping for what they want, when they want it; they will also be generating generous rewards for themselves while at the same time earning donations with every purchase for their nominated charity, sporting team, local school or community group.

Any Australian-based charity or community group is eligible to join this exciting new program: sporting teams, charity organisations, community groups, social clubs, school P&C associations, etc. Once signed up to the program (free), all the organisation needs to do is promote  the program to their member base. When a new customer member joins, they can nominate their chosen sponsorship organisation from the list and any purchase made via our portal and our 75+ merchant members that is eligible for customer rewards will also earn automatic donations for the organisation: nothing to sell to family or workmates, no volunteers required.

Sponsorship rewards are separate from customer rewards; so customers may rest assured that whether they nominate a sponsorship organisation or not, their own personal reward level will be the same generous 5% of the value of their purchases.

The Oz web Rewards Sponsorship Program launched just this week; we already have a fabulous charity organisation signed up and waiting for customer sponsors: The Orangutan Project.


Check out Oz web Rewards and our Sponsorship Program today!

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