Loyalty Programs: Why They Are Worth It

A recently published Consumer Study, the For Love or Money? 2013 Consumer Study into Australian Loyalty Programs, found that customer loyalty schemes do indeed motivate stronger brand loyalty, higher spending, and provide businesses which have loyalty programs with a competitive edge over their non-rewarding counterparts.

A majority of shoppers surveyed stated that they will buy more if there are reward incentives, and they will choose to shop where they are members of a reward program over other businesses.

Customer loyalty is deemed to be the greatest asset a business can possess; happy and loyal customers will bring in repeat business as well as referrals and recommendations to other potential customers. The best loyalty programs will recognise and reward brand loyalty and commitment, not just repeat purchasing by their members.

So it’s unfortunate that a high percentage of consumers in Australia don’t believe they receive true value from their reward programs; most find communication to members from the progams to be poor and that benefits are not valuable enough to warrant active membership.

At Oz web Rewards, we are proud to offer a unique rewards program which is truly comprehensive, relevant to Australian consumers and merchant business owners, and sustainable. We are a one-stop portal to over 75 unique Australian online merchants, offering online shopping and products from a varied range of categories, and we allow pooling of rewards earned over our merchant base to redeem for rewards from those same merchants in our rewards store. Our rewards system is generous, at a reward rate of 5% – significantly higher than many other programs in the marketplace. Finally, we offer a unique sponsor program, by which customers can nominate charities or organisations of their choice to benefit from donations by Oz web Rewards based on dollars spent on our program by customer members. It is simply our way of giving back.

Visit Oz web Rewards today and browse our merchant database. Joining is free, and as a member, everytime you shop with one of our merchant members via our website, you are guaranteed not only great products, but fabulous rewards for your loyalty.

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