Coca Cola – The “Healthy” Option!


“An offer of Coca-Cola is more than just an invitation to refresh. It’s a way of saying with assurance, “here’s something wholesome and delicious for you to enjoy.”

So said this vintage advertisement for Coca-Cola from circa 1950. And to prove the point, who better to espouse the health benefits of this refreshment than the image of a nurse – wholesome in and of herself?

Coca-Cola has a long and illustrious history: first formulated in the 1800′s as an alcoholic beverage known as Pemberton’s French Wine Coca, prohibition in 1886 resulted in the non-alcoholic version of Coca-Cola being developed. It was initially sold in a pharmacy as a patent medicine; it was claimed to cure headache, morphine addiction, digestive reflux, nerve pain and impotence. By the time the drink celebrated its fiftieth anniversary  in 1935, it had been certified as a “kosher” product. Today it is one of, if not the, world’s most highly selling soft drinks.

But is it healthy? Today we would respond to that question with a resounding “no”! Containing carbonated water (the only healthy constituent), sugar, caffeine, caramel colouring, flavourings and phosphoric acid, there can be no illusion of any real health benefit  - though it can honestly provide some energy boost (all that sugar!)  and for some, can in fact be helpful for headache sufferers (thanks to the caffeine content).

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