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Shopping: Women versus Men


Men and women really do differ greatly when it comes to the shopping experience. Researchers have confirmed what many of us would have known to be true: with little exception, women LOVE to shop. With little exception, men – not so much.

Women, as a general rule, enjoy the whole experience of shopping. They are happy to browse, be distracted from their purpose, and be surprised by other things they weren’t even aware they wanted or needed. A woman’s attention span for shopping averages two hours.

Men, on the other hand, see shopping as a mission: go in, get the specific item they left home with the intention of acquiring, and get out of there again. A man is doing well if he retains attention for the whole endeavour for twenty five minutes.

The fact is, women love to shop. Men view shopping as a chore. The worst aspect of going out to shop for a woman tends to be lack of sales assistance; this is the single biggest factor which will lose a sale to a woman customer. Also detrimental are sales assistants who are unhelpful or rude. Men, on the other hand, are more concerned when they cannot find a parking space close to their destination store, and if an item is not in stock then and there, they will walk away.

In a nutshell: men are hunters; women are gatherers. Men enter a store with specifics in mind and are rarely distracted from their goal. Women, who according to scientific research, have better peripheral vision than men, go in and scan.

Shopping online is similar. Men want to go to a site seeking a specific item. Women like to browse all options and then choose.

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