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Vintage Adverts – Coffee Ad circa 1960

There is little argument that all coffee is not equal, and a great cup of coffee, for a coffee lover,  is hard to beat.  But one would be mistaken in the  belief  that today’s “Coffee Culture” and “Latte-Set” are a new thing (“Instant coffee? Never!”).

Take a look at this advertisement for Folger’s Coffee from back in the early 1960s …

Somewhat sexist, as befits it’s time, it shows that some things never change – and whatever each of us individually terms a “bad” cup of coffee (and let’s face it, some of us are much more particular than others), it is never something one wants to present to another (or be presented with!).

Visit ozwebrewards and be rewarded for buying some of the best coffee on the market at Witham’s Coffee. These specialty coffee roasters, roast daily the finest Arabica single-origin and estate coffees from around the world.

No more bad coffee!

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Click Frenzy Review

It seems it is on again: the much-hyped internet shopping flop of last year is back for another go. To recap, click frenzy burst onto the scene last year promising a whole new shopping experience with huge savings to be had, but failed to deliver on most counts, particularly the much talked-about server failures.

The Mother’s Day frenzy sale is on today, with various sales on during the year culminating in the big event on the 1st November. This year they have promised to upgrade servers, so unlike last year, with this you are able to connect to the site – but are the savings there and how does it all work?

According to a report, for a company to be a part of click frenzy, it must make  an initial deposit of $1000, and they then pay on a per-click basis for the traffic they receive via the click frenzy site. For small retailers, this initial investment is pretty prohibitive, so you mostly see the large retailers on board. Click frenzy is basically an advertising portal, and like all advertising costs it is generally recouped through the sale of the product, which can limit the discounts that can be made available as those costs need to be recouped. 

Reports coming in are mixed as to the value of the deals on offer as well. A quick review of tweets shows shoppers are generally dissatisfied with the discounts offered, with most being much like discounts found in normal sale events though out the year. In fact, several large retailers have not even bothered to participate this year, holding their own sales in conjunction with the click frenzy event, as they feel that offers better value for consumers. So is click frenzy all it is hyped up to be, or just your general run of the mill sale advertising campaign offering nothing really new to the consumer?

The online retail market is getting more competitive every day as retailers find ways to attract new customers. We are obviously biased, but at Oz web Rewards we believe our member retailers offer greater value year round, and if you’re an Oz web Rewards member, you get extra rewards every time you shop. Rewards Frenzy perhaps ?

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Vintage Adverts – What Were They Thinking? – #2

These days advertisers are usually pretty careful to not upset viewers  (and potential customers) with comments or attitudes in their commercials which may cause controversy – and if they do, it is certainly not racist, ageist or sexist (not against women, in any case!)

But the world we live in was a very different place fifty or sixty years ago – and commercials reflected not only the style but also the attitudes of the time.

So let’s take a short stroll down memory lane and look at snippets from some of the most sexist commercials from the 1950s and 1960s. And remember – all of this was not only perfectly acceptable – it was expected!

Apologies for the poor quality of some of the visuals…

Have a great weekend!

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Vintage Shopping Adverts – What were they thinking? #1

The way we shop has changed dramatically in the last decade or two. Compared with how we shopped a generation ago, it’s almost like we live in a whole other Universe!

Today shopping is all about going to big precincts: malls and huge supermarkets for one-stop shopping. Or, more commonly today, we choose the greater convenience of shopping online. But not so long ago, things were very different.

Who remembers walking to the corner store, or the local butcher to buy groceries and meat? Who else had a milkman clinking bottles (with foil lid’s!) at the back door at 4am? A baker delivering the day’s bread? Or the weekly greengrocer or ice-cream man  parked out front while we (or our parents) made our selections from the back of the truck?

Just as the world has changed, so has the way we shop changed, hence  has the way we need to advertise.

So sit back and enjoy the first installment of our little series of vintage adverts. Most are from the 1950s and 1960s – some will shock, some will make you giggle. The mind boggles as to what people were thinking!

This commercial was for Cold Cream in the 1950s.

We can guarantee our cosmetics merchants are providing a much safer and more effective product!


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The Joys of Shopping Online

Loyalty program

It’s a shame this article is bogus!  A quick search of  shows it been around for a while in various forms, but confirms it is definitely fake. The childish antics reported, however, would certainly liven up a standard trip to the shopping centre!  Now you don’t even have to go there … with over 75 merchants at your finger tips via Oz web Rewards, a 24/7 Australian shopping loyalty system  which you could never be banned from due to your husband’s misbehaviour while you shop.

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Tips to get the most out of Oz web Rewards.

Oz web Rewards is a great way to do your shopping and at the same time be rewarded. With currently over 75 independent merchants offering reward points on purchases via ozwebrewards,  it is easy to earn rewards fast. Start your shopping search via Oz web Rewards Store Directory to see if any of the merchants listed stock the products you want. All of our retailers are small to medium businesses, who often have very competitive prices when compared with the larger established retailers.

You can not only save money by shopping at our merchants, but also get extra rewards for doing so. It of course pays to shop around, but by using Oz web Rewards first, you can use that as a base price, and, in your continued search, if you can’t beat the price, shop via our site and you will know you will be rewarded for helping an Australian small business owner.

Once you get rewards points from a purchase, you can further maximise your reward points by sharing the purchase on Facebook. This is easily done by logging into your control panel and simply clicking on the extra reward points links at the top. Not only can you earn extra rewards for sharing news of your purchases, there are also bonus points available for simply liking or sharing our Facebook page via your control panel as well. You will have enough rewards points saved up to get a great reward before you know it.

Do not forget about our refer a friend program as well. By referring a friend to Oz web Rewards, you will also get reward points for purchases they make. Once again it’s easily done via your control panel. Simply click on the refer a friend menu item and follow the instructions. When your friend joins via the link provided in the referral email and makes a purchase you will automatically accrue extra rewards points.

Earning points is easy via the Oz web Rewards system, Australia’s best online loyalty program.

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