Fat Wallet?

A recent article on a Perth News website questions the reader, “Do you have Fat Wallet Syndrome?”

It refers to an old Seinfeld episode where George Kostanza just can’t fit one more thing into his overloaded, bursting at the seams wallet. And it’s not bursting at the seams with money!

It seems, too, that wallets of Australians are also bursting at the seams – with an immeasurable number of loyalty cards from various stores and brands. Market research suggests that well more than two million of us belong to a loyalty program, and more than one in ten of those who do, belong to more than ten. We may be carrying plastic loyalty cards, or cardboard throw-aways when every square gets stamped and we receive our freebie (like in massage clinics and coffee shops). Either way – they fill up our wallets with just more stuff.

Men and women are both targeted in this way – and many will admit more is spent with the idea of reward in mind. But the plethora of loyalty cards and programs has saturated the market and the competitive advantage of one retailer over another has been threatened by the fact that it is now the norm.

Not only is a fat wallet bad for health (men out their wallet in their back pocket; and then sit on it, misaligning the spine over time), but according to Chinese Feng Shui, a wallet full of “stuff” leaves no room for it to become full of money. Which, let’s face it, is what a wallet is for, is it not?

But the loyalty program we have here at Oz web Rewards is different – in a great way.

For starters, there is no card! All you need is a login and a password to our site (given when you join for free) and you can shop with our listed merchants from any computer. We have over 76 Australian online merchants onboard with our program, offering unique rewards; you shop with any of these, pool your generous 5% rewards redemption rate, and then (similar to credit card reward programs) you can shop in our rewards store. All of the products in this store come from our merchants and there are literally hundreds of items from which you can choose. Rewards are real, tangible, and easy to earn.

Best of all – you will be supporting Australian small to medium business.

Check out Oz web Rewards today – you will be very happy you did!

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